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What Brush Should You Use for Contour Powder?

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By Keti Nikolova
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Updated November 21, 2023.

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Have you ever applied contouring powder with a foundation brush, only to be disappointed by the lack of payoff? Well, you're not alone.

One wrong choice can ruin your makeup session, leaving you with patchy and uneven coverage, far from a flawless look. So, let's explore what brush you should use for contour powder so you can be photo-ready.

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Why Brush Selection Matters

Contouring isn't just about your cheekbones; it can enhance other areas of your face, like the nose and jawline.

The proper brush improves how your makeup applies and looks. For example, the one with natural bristles can help you create a sculpted finish by easily absorbing and distributing the pigment across your skin.

Tip: Move your brush in circles for a smooth texture when contouring.

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4 Shapes of Contour Brushes

Various types of brushes are available, each with its own set of perks for application, precision, and blending.

Here is a list of contouring brushes for powder application:

1. Fan Brush: Versatile brush for highlighting and light powder application in specific areas.

2. Angled Contouring Brushes:

  • Small angled: For precise application under the chin, around the nose, and under the brow bone. They help you create a defined finish.
  • Medium-sized: Best for contouring the temples and jawline.
  • Large angled: Suitable for cheekbones, these brushes help you apply the product precisely and create a soft finish due to their firm bristles.

3. Curved Angle Brush: Applies the product precisely in the correct areas, working with the natural contours of your face.

4. Larger, Dome-Shaped Brushes: Used for blending and achieving a seamless look.

Brush Maintenance

Brush hygiene is essential to avoid product buildup and ensure your makeup is flawless. If you use a cream brush, clean it after each use; the powder ones can go up to ten days between cleanings.

Elevate Your Beauty Routine: Contour Like a Pro

No matter what brush shape you choose, use it lightly and blend the product well. You also want your contour to look natural, so invest in brushes with natural fiber bristles and keep them clean.

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