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A woman with bronzer and contour makeup applied to her face
ContourBronzer vs Contour: Understanding the DifferenceAre you looking to add definition and depth to your makeup look? Get ready to transform your beauty routine with the prowess of bronzer and contour—a makeup enthusiast's dynamic duo. These essentials have incredible potential when you learn how to apply them correctly. Let's delve into the world of makeup artistry as we take a look at the differences between bronzer and contour, guiding you through their distinct roles and application techniques. Bronzer vs Contour: Are they the same thing? Bronzer adds a sun-kissed look to the high points of the face. It mimics a natural glow and adds color, giving you a warm and healthy complexion, which brings together your overall makeup look. In contrast, contour accentuates the cheekbones, jawline, and nose with shadows and darker tones. It pronounces the bone structure and gives you a sculpted appearance by highlighting those areas of the face. Can You Use Bronzer as a Contour?You can contour with bronzer if it's the correct shade, but get one that's one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone. » Explore some hacks for a quick and easy contour routine How to Apply Contour and Bronzer You should apply a bronzer with a loose, fluffy brush to spread the pigment easily and create a natural look. Add it to the cheeks, temples, forehead, nose—anywhere that the sun would hit you naturally. Contour needs a smaller angled or dome powder brush because you're using it to guide the product and sculpt your face. The key is to put just enough of it, so apply it only where you need more definition. » Discover what brushes to use for the perfect contour application Bronzer vs Contour: Useful Tips Bronzer Buy a bronzer from the drugstore—quality doesn't always mean a hefty price.Experiment with different finishes like luminous, radiant, and matte.If you want to correct anything, use finishing or setting powder. Contour Choose a matte finish so you get natural-looking shadows that highlight or minimize facial attributes.Cream and powder contour can give you different results. Use a cream contour if you want to prevent it looking patchy and uneven; apply powder for oily skin. Bronzer vs Contour: What's Best for Your Face Shape? If you have an angular face with well-defined features and don’t need added definition, you may want to stick to bronzer. If you have a round face, contouring is great to bring back definition to the cheekbones, for instance. Additionally, for those with mature skin and less defined jawlines, it can effectively minimize the appearance of jowls by adding definition. » Find out where to apply bronzer based on your face shape Bronzer vs Contour: Key Takeaways Experimenting with bronzer and contour can improve your makeup routine, and you'll refine your skills by practicing. Explore contouring to tailor shadows that enhance your face shape naturally, and apply bronzer delicately to the skin to get that soft look. For a wealth of makeup tips, product recommendations, and expert guidance, check out Kleverbox's website. It's a one-stop destination catering to every makeup enthusiast's queries and needs.
A woman holding a lip gloss brush to her mouth
Beauty guidesHow to Apply Lip Gloss for Long-Lasting Effects: 6 Expert TipsAre you ready to experiment with makeup and let each session become a channel for your creativity and self-expression? From daytime sophistication to evening glam, exploring beauty trends creates an opportunity to create an unforgettable look. So, let's dive into lip gloss and see the tips and techniques to make it last longer than usual. » Want to try new makeup brands without breaking the bank? Check out the best beauty subscription boxes Applying Lip Gloss for Long-Lasting Effects: Our 6 Tips Create a Lip Care RoutineTry Different TechniquesApply Lip Gloss Over LipstickUse a Lip LinerCompare Lip Gloss FormulasExperiment With Color and Textures 1. Create a Lip Care Routine Your care routine matters the most—especially if you want to use lip gloss, liner, or lipstick. First, exfoliate the lips to remove dead skin and create a clean canvas, then follow with a nourishing lip balm to keep them soft and ready for makeup. Note: Use SPF and primer to keep your gloss lasting long in hot and cold weather. They shield against sunburn, moisturize the lips, and make it easier to reapply the gloss. 2. Try Different Techniques Use a Lip Brush: If you feel like too much lip gloss is coming out of the packaging, put a bit on the back of your hand. Then, use a makeup brush to apply it to your lips.Start from the Center: The best way to apply lip gloss is from the center of your bottom lip, letting it spread by gently pressing your lips together.Enhance Shine: For a shinier effect, put more gloss on the center of the top and bottom lip, avoiding the corners so you don't smear it beyond the natural lip line.Apply Powder: Lightly dust your lips with translucent powder to make the lip gloss last longer without compromising the shine. This technique also stops smudging and bleeding throughout the day. 3. Apply Lip Gloss Over the Lipstick Applying lip gloss over matte lipstick adds a glossy finish and depth, which creates a fuller look. It also balances your features, making the face appear more symmetrical. Matte is the best lipstick to use with lip gloss because it's long-lasting. Avoid sheer or glossy ones because they create excessive texture, shine, and smearing. » Explore tips on how to apply lipstick for a youthful look 4. Use a Lip Liner If it's your first time applying lip gloss, a lip liner will give you enough definition and control while preventing bleeding. Try matte and powdery ones to make the gloss stick better and last longer. Tip: Some people use concealer to outline the lips for a refined look, particularly during photoshoots. » Want to keep your skin hydrated? Find out what primer makeup does 5. Compare Lip Gloss Formulas The most used formulations—matt and glossy—can affect your lips' final shape and texture. Look at the following comparison if you plan to buy a lip gloss soon: Matte FormulasGlossy FormulasWell-nourished and polished lipsDry or smaller lipsAdds fullness for a classier appearanceAdds dramatic shine that grabs attentionNeeds precision when applying; fewer reapplications throughout the dayConvenient for on-the-go touch-ups; no need for a mirrorDesigned for lasting colorNurtures and moisturizes the lips 6. Experiment With Color and Textures Lip gloss can give you various textures to play around with, from pigment-rich to shimmery and transparent. The choice depends on your creativity, desires, and even your wardrobe. Use a clear lip gloss with sheer coverage for flexibility—it suits any outfit. Makeup as Your Creative Playground Makeup should be your playground with endless combinations and styles to express your personality. Embrace change, try different looks, and confidently experiment with various techniques. By following these professional tips, your lip gloss will last longer, all while keeping your lips beautifully moisturized. If you need help figuring out where to start, you can try all kinds of new products with Kleverbox and use them to try the latest makeup trends at the click of a button. So, let your imagination run wild and enjoy every moment of experimenting.
A smiling woman putting some kind of moisturizer on her face
Beauty guidesHow to Prepare Your Face for Makeup: 4 Steps for a Smooth Look67% of beauty shoppers rely on influencers to discover new makeup products and gain insights. While brand quality can influence the final look, a solid skincare routine will lay a foundation for it. Picture it like preparing the canvas for a wet-on-wet watercolor painting; without it, the colors wouldn't blend well. So, let's talk about how a pre makeup skin prep helps you create a polished look. » Stay on top of the beauty industry with the latest makeup trends Prepare Your Face for Makeup in 4 Easy Steps Determine Skin TypeUse a CleanserMoisturizeApply a Primer 1. Determine Skin Type Oily Do you have enlarged pores and frequent breakouts? Oily skin could be the main culprit, causing your T-zone across the forehead, nose, and chin to shine excessively. Here are some products and ingredients that achieve the best results for oily skin: for the best results: Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and salicylic acidCleanser: Gel-basedMoisturizer: Oil-freePrimer: Mattifying Dry Dry skin going through a winter period feels rough and tight. It can flake if you haven't moisturized it, causing itchiness and redness. Use the following dry skin products and ingredients for the best results: Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, shea butter, and aloe veraCleanser: CreamyPrimer: Moisturizing Sensitive Sensitive skin—often associated with dryness—is prone to redness and irritation, especially when exposed to new products. Choose fragrance-free and hypoallergenic makeup to avoid discomfort. Tip: Avoid retinol, as it can be too harsh on your skin. Always check the ingredients before buying a product. Combination If you have combination skin, get hydrating, oil-free moisturizers for a balanced and radiant complexion. Look for a foundation with SPF for sun protection, so you don't have to buy a separate sunscreen. » Understand the psychology behind why women wear makeup 2. Use a Cleanser A cleanser removes dirt, oil, and impurities from the skin, creating a clean base for makeup. It also prevents breakouts and clogged pores, especially if you have an oily T-zone. Start by wetting your face, applying the cleanser, rinsing thoroughly, and patting it dry before applying makeup. Tip: Removing makeup and caring for your skin post-removal is as necessary as applying it. 3. Moisturize Hydrate your skin with a moisturizer. Your face provides essential hydration to your skin. If you're in your 40s and beyond, focus on age-prevention creams to target wrinkles and fine lines. 4. Apply a Primer Prep your skin with a primer before applying a foundation for a seamless look. It'll also create a flawless complexion by filling your pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. A primer is like the glue that makes your foundation look smooth. So, while your moisturizer works beneath, it's the primary base for the rest of your makeup products. » Want to control shine? Use the power of primer makeup Sailing Towards Flawless Beauty You'll benefit from better long-term health if you consistently prep your skin before applying makeup. A simple cleanse, tone, and moisturize routine with gentle, non-stripping products will do wonders. Think milky cleansers, alcohol-free toners, and lightweight, oil-free moisturizers. Remember to use SPF, even on cloudy days. Before prepping your skin for makeup, check out the Klever Beauty Box. Tailored for beauty enthusiasts, this monthly subscription delivers an array of carefully selected full-size makeup products directly to your doorstep.
A woman smiling and holding a lipstick in front of her face against a nude-colored background
Beauty guidesHow to Apply Lipstick for Mature Women: 8 Tips for a Youthful LookEnhancing the beauty of mature lips often involves a nuanced approach. You can attain a youthful and flattering appearance by learning how to apply lipstick skillfully. This requires a blend of technique, product selection, and an understanding of individual preferences. Our comprehensive guide delves into a series of tips tailored for mature lips. Each tip focuses on various aspects of lipstick application, aiming to elevate your natural elegance. Our 8 Tips to Apply Lipstick for Mature Women Keep Lips HydratedChoose Warm and Natural TonesInvest in a Lip PrimerUse a Lip LinerAdd a Touch of GlossConsider Lip FinishesAvoid Matte FormulasOpt for Long-Wearing Formulas 1. Keep Lips Hydrated Before you start, exfoliate your lips gently to remove any dry skin. This step is essential in creating a smooth canvas for lipstick application. Additionally, consider opting for creamy and moisturizing products. They provide hydration and reduce the visibility of fine lines around the mouth, contributing to a youthful appearance. 2. Choose Warm and Natural Tones Opt for a softer, natural shade that will draw attention away from the mouth area. Try hues like peaches, corals, or rosy nudes, as they complement mature skin tones beautifully. For instance, if you have a rosy undertone, opt for berry tones; if you have a warmer one, aim for shades like terracotta. 3. Invest in a Lip Primer To maximize the benefits, apply a primer before the lip liner—then layer your lipstick on top. Reapply it over the lipstick throughout the day to ensure a clean wipe-down afterward to avoid residue. Using the primer or lip liner alone also offers a natural look while accentuating the lips and their contours. This technique provides lasting color and acts as a binding agent for the lipstick, enhancing its longevity. So, don't hesitate to embrace that bold lip. We recommend a lip primer like MAC Cosmetic's Prep and Prime Lip. This clear formula smooths and balances lip pH and prevents bleeding or feathering, providing a base to make your lipstick last longer. 4. Use a Lipliner A lip liner has two benefits: it highlights your lip shape and defines the lip area without showing any fine lines. Including it in your routine helps address the feeling of lips sinking in. Plus, you won't have to worry about feathering or bleeding if you choose a lip liner that matches your lipstick color because it will act as a protective barrier. Pairing it with the right shade will also give you a more natural look. Expert TipIf bleeding is still a concern, use lip balm throughout the day or apply concealer under the lips to create a barrier. » Want to know more benefits of using a lip liner? Find out how it can be used as an eyeliner 5. Add a Touch of Gloss Adding a light layer of gloss to the center of the lips can add a youthful plumpness, which can be pretty flattering. The Luster Glass Lip range from MAC Cosmetics is worth considering. It’s hydrating and provides a slight sheen to the lips but can still look natural, making it an excellent choice for mature skin. » Explore the latest makeup trends for more tips on achieving a youthful look 6. Consider Lip Finishes For mature and dry lips, satin and cream finishes like those from Dior work wonders. Satin-finish lipsticks within the matte range offer lasting wear and comfort so you can wear them all day without any heavy sensation. They also provide a subtle sheen, offering deep hydration without excessive glossiness. For example, MAC Cosmetics' Lustre Glass range is enriched with essential oils that give the lips a delicate sheen while keeping them well-hydrated. Meanwhile, cream finish lipsticks provide a smooth application, minimizing fine lines and dryness. These finishes cater to mature lips, addressing concerns while adding a refined touch. 7. Avoid Matte Formulas Avoid matte formulas as they can be drying and may accentuate wrinkles. You can achieve the same look with creamy or satin lipsticks by setting them with a bit of loose powder. Note: Lightly dust translucent powder over the lipstick to combat shine from glossy lips. You can also use powder if you've applied too much makeup to remove excess product without disturbing the rest of your look. 8. Opt for Long-Wearing Formulas Choose a long-wearing formula that doesn't transfer quickly. The Locked Kiss Ink range from MAC is a standout product in this category. It offers a transformative experience, starting with a gloss or lip stain-like texture and culminating in a pigmented matte finish. This product has a transfer- and kiss-proof quality, ensuring it lasts 24 hours without bleeding or feathering. Its diverse shade range makes it an excellent all-around choice for mature lips. Investing in products like the Locked Kiss Ink range with a defined brush will make touch-ups less frequent. The meeting creates a precise and clean finish around the lips, eliminating the necessity for a liner. Mastering Timeless Lipstick Beauty Care for your lips is essential at any stage of life, and using the right products keeps them beautifully hydrated. Our guide has covered the essentials, from preventing lipstick mishaps to ensuring a flawless finish. If you're looking for top-notch makeup tips and a wide array of beauty products, explore Kleverbox, your ultimate destination for makeup needs at any age.
A woman holding an eyelash curler to half her face showing with a pink background
EyelashesEnhance Your Look With Proper Eyelash Curler Technique: 5 Pro TipsEvery day, your eyelashes protect the eyes from dirt and dust. But here's a secret: they're also the key to making your eyes appear larger and more awake, refining your overall makeup look. And guess what? It all boils down to one essential tool—the eyelash curler. Get ready to make your eyes pop, your face shine, and your beauty routine a breeze by following these pro techniques. » Looking to explore indie and popular makeup brands? Check out the best beauty box subscriptions Understanding Your Eyelash Curler An eyelash curler comes in various forms, the most popular types being heated, plastic, and metal mechanical eyelash. Consider your eye shape when choosing an eyelash curler. For round eyes, opt for one with a curved pad; almond-shaped ones benefit from a straight pad. If you have hooded eyes, go for a curler with a lifting mechanism. Does Curling Your Eyelashes Damage Them?No, but placing the curler too close to the eyelid can damage the delicate follicles that hold your lashes in place. How To Use an Eyelash Curler: 5 Pro Tips 1. Clean Your Lashes Ever wondered how to get eyelashes to stay curled? Well, it all starts with cleaning. Brush your lashes with a spoolie or a comb to define them. Apply an eyelash primer using a light layer—then let it dry. If you use too much of it, blot your lashes with a makeup wipe or tissue. 2. Heat Your Curler Regular curling might not be enough to kink up your straight lashes, so it might be time to turn up the warmth with the following steps: Refer to the instructions to find the appropriate temperature for heating your eyelash curlerDip the tool in warm water for 15 to 20 seconds.Do a safety check by placing it on the inside of your wrist to ensure it's not too hot.Curl your lashes » Improve your makeup routine by discovering what brush to use for contour powder 3. Curl Before Using Mascara Do you use an eyelash curler before mascara? The answer is always yes. You should do it because the product can cause your lashes to break and not bend properly. It can even make the curler stick to them. After curling, follow up with a few light-handed layers of mascara to hold the shape without weighing the lashes too much. » Looking to help your makeup last longer? Use the power of primer 4. Use Proper Placement You can tilt your head slightly back to get better access to your lashes and ensure you don't curl them too tightly or pinch your eyelid. Looking in the mirror during the process also helps you position the curler in the right spot and treat all your lashes evenly. 5. Maintain Your Curler Regular cleaning will help prevent the buildup of dirt, bacteria, and lash mites. These microorganisms can lead to eye infections and irritation. If you want to learn the best way to clean your eyelash curler, use the following steps: Gather your supplies. You will need rubbing alcohol, a cotton pad, a bowl of warm water, mild soap, and a clean towel.Dip a cotton pad in rubbing alcohol and wipe the metal curler pad. Be sure to get into all the nooks and crannies.Add a few drops of mild soap to a bowl filled with warm water. Submerge the curler and swish it to remove mascara residue.RinseGently pat the curler with a clean towel and let it dry. Note: If your eyelash curler has a rubber pad, remove it and wash it separately with soap and water. » Want to know what's hot this season? Check out the latest makeup trends for 2024 How To Use an Eyelash Curler Now, it's time to learn how to curl eyelashes. Use the following steps to get the best result: Position your open lash curler at your upper lash line.Ensure all your lash hairs are within the clamps of the curler.Get as close as possible to the base of your lashes without touching your eyelid.Apply light pressure at the base of your lashes.Hold for about three to five seconds to achieve the desired curl.Gently release the curler Elevating Your Look: Mastering Eyelash Curling Curling can seem daunting, but if you want fluttery eyelashes and a better frame for your eyes, it's a step that is worth mastering. And like every other skill, achieving flattering results requires practice and patience. What better way to practice than with Klever Beauty Box? For only $29/month, you get eight full-sized makeup products to experiment with.
A woman applying a powdered type of blush.
Beauty guidesA Guide to Different Types of Blush and How to Apply ThemBlush is the cherry on top of your makeup routine—the key to a healthy and radiant complexion. It mimics a natural flush, enhances your features, and gives your makeup a polished look. But with various types and textures available, selecting the right one can take a lot of research. That's why we created a guide with different blush types and how to apply them to achieve that perfect rosy glow. » Looking to discover new makeup brands? Check out the best beauty subscription boxes Liquid Blush: For Sensitive Skin Often called tints, liquid blushes give you sheer coverage, long-lasting wear, and minimal transfer. They're usually water-based and gentle on sensitive skin. Some makeup companies also use minerals like tourmaline and mica to give you a subtle—non-glittering shimmer. The result is a soft glow that adds color and creates a gentle look without overwhelming your skin. Note: A liquid blush can help prevent breakouts and discomfort because you'll avoid the irritants like talc found in powder-based products. How to Apply Liquid Blush Prep your skin by cleaning and moisturizing to help the blush glide smoothly and blend effortlessly.Locate the apples of your cheeks by smiling. They are the highest points below the cheekbones.Apply liquid blush and aim for a diffused look instead of a defined line. Use your fingers for precise control or a makeup brush for fuller coverage.Gently blend the blush outwards and upwards towards your temples to create a natural, seamless look that mimics a flushed complexion.Add more blush in increments or remove some with a makeup wipe if you've used too much. » Looking to improve your makeup skills? Find the perfect blush placement Powder Blush: Unmatched Versatility Powder blush can adapt to various scenarios, whether you're heading to the office, a romantic dinner, or a casual get-together with friends. It comes in various finishes, including matte, shimmer, and satin. You can also get it in multiple shades, from soft pinks to earthy browns. The versatility makes finding the perfect color to complement your skin tone easy. How to Apply Powder Blush Use a slightly angled brush for enhanced curves and a fluffy texture for more control.Locate the apples of your cheeks.Apply the blush and blend for a natural finish. Add layers to control your blush's depth and adapt it to different looks or moods. Cream Blush: Youthful Glow Our skin tends to lose some of its natural glow as we age. With a gentle touch and the proper blending technique, the best type of blush for mature skin becomes a cream one. It's designed to avoid settling into fine lines, ensuring a youthful appearance. They can last for hours because of their creamy consistency, and you can layer them while maintaining a sheer, natural effect. Plus, you don't need to use a lot to achieve a healthy glow, which makes them a cost-effective choice. How to Apply Cream Blush Clean and dry your skin, which will help ensure that your cream brush applies evenly and smoothly.Dab a tiny amount of the blush onto the apples of your cheeks using stippling—a gentle tapping motion that helps blend it into your skin. Your Rosy Revolution Starts Here Whether you prefer the delicate touch, luminosity, or versatility, you can achieve the perfect look for your unique style with these three types of blush. Makeup is an art form, and the goal is to find the techniques and looks that make you feel confident and comfortable. With tools like the Klever Beauty Box, you'll be on your way to a radiant and glowing appearance. Embrace the versatility, find your ideal type, and let your beauty shine. So, which blush will you choose for your beauty routine today?
What makeup brush to use for concealer: a woman doing her makeup.
Beauty guidesWhat Makeup Brush Should You Use for Concealer?Concealer is a makeup essential that can help you achieve a flawless complexion. It can cover blemishes and dark circles, giving you a more even and radiant skin tone. But the key to achieving a perfect finish is the brush you use to apply it. This guide explores the best brush for applying concealer and how to maintain it for optimal performance. » Upgrade your look with the latest makeup trends for 2024. Makeup Brush Advantages A proper concealer makeup brush is crucial because it offers the following benefits: Precision: You can apply concealer more precisely than with your fingers, essential when covering minor blemishes or dark circles.Control: A makeup brush gives you more control over how much concealer you apply, preventing your skin from looking cakey.Blending: If you want a natural-looking finish, a makeup brush can help you blend the concealer evenly.Hygiene: Using a makeup brush is more hygienic than using fingers, which can transfer bacteria to your skin and lead to breakouts.Versatility: You can use a makeup brush for other products, including foundation and eyeshadow. » Looking to achieve a sculpted look? Learn what brush to use for contour powder Best Brush for Applying Concealer A flat brush is the best for applying concealer because its dense and pointy design helps cover blemishes precisely. It complements the natural contours of your eye. You can also use its bristles to blend the concealer by patting or stippling it onto the skin, which creates a natural-looking finish. » Want to achieve a sunkissed look? Learn where to apply bronzer for every face shape How to Apply Concealer Start with a clean, moisturized face to ensure the concealer applies evenly.Choose the right concealer. If you have oily skin, look for a mattifying one; for dry skin, choose a hydrating concealerApply a small amount to the areas you want to cover. You can use a gentle patting motion to work it into the skin better and prevent irritation caused by excessive swiping.Blend to create a natural-looking finish. Brush Maintenance Dirty brushes can leave behind old makeup particles and skin microorganisms, which can affect the application of your makeup and cause skin infections. I use a quick-drying cleaner called Cinema Secrets. To remove the dirt, I spray the bristles and wipe them with a cotton-based cloth or paper towel. If you want a more thorough cleanse, use baby shampoo once or twice a week, but keep the handle dry so it doesn't break eventually. Lay the brush on a paper towel overnight to absorb excess water. Concealer Mastery: The Perfect Brush Achieving a flawless finish isn't just about selecting the right product. A flat brush will enable you to apply concealer precisely, while proper maintenance will help it keep its shape and effectiveness. If you're looking for a new way to get the latest makeup products, Kleverbox offers value for your money with one of the best beauty subscription boxes. It comes with full-size makeup products designed to give you a complete look.
Can lip liner be used as eyeliner: a woman using lip liner.
EyelinerCan Lip Liner Be Used as Eyeliner? Let’s Find OutLip liners, with their creamy textures and range of pigments, can seamlessly transition from defining your lips to accentuating your eyes. They can easily adapt if you want a bold, dramatic cat-eye or a subtle tweak of your natural lash line. But are lip liners safe to use as eyeliners? And if so, how do you best apply them? » Want to try out new beauty brands without breaking the bank? Check out the best beauty subscription boxes Comparing Lip Liners and Eyeliners Lip linerEyelinerTextureThickerFinerPurposeDefine the lips and prevent lipstick from featheringDefine the eyesPigmentationMore pigmentedLess pigmentedIngredientsWaxes, preservatives, oils, pigmentsGels, pigments, preservatives Can You Use Lip Liner as Eyeliner? You can use lip liner as eyeliner in a pinch, but it's not recommended. FDA cosmetic guidelines say that some of its pigments and color additives can create discomfort, irritation, and damage your eyesight. If you're in a rush and don't have eyeliner ready, clean your lip liner with alcohol and sharpen before use so you don't transfer bacteria to the eyes. Note: Consult a dermatologist before using any new product on your skin, especially if it's sensitive. They can help you determine which ingredients are right for you. How To Use Lip Liner as Eyeliner Draw the liner on your hand first to ensure it's soft enough. This method helps prevent dragging or pulling of the sensitive skin. To control consistency and avoid irritation, pick up the pigment with a sterilized makeup brush and gently apply it to the eyes. Tip: Choose a long-lasting lip liner so it stays in place. You can also use it for creative accents around the eyebrows by mixing it with eyeshadows or glitters for a multidimensional and textured aesthetic. Applying Lip Liner to the Eyes: How To Stay Safe Follow these tips to ensure you don't irritate your eyes: Sharpen the lip liner pencil before use to remove residual oil or debris.Avoid applying lip liner to the lower lash line or inside the eyelid. The skin in these areas is even more delicate and prone to irritation.If you're using a brush, clean it between applications to prevent cross-contamination.Choose oil-based, fragrance-, and alcohol-free cleansers to effectively remove wax-heavy lip liners from the eyes. » Looking to control fine lines and wrinkles? Unlock the power of primer Multi-Purpose Products: A New Trend in Beauty The rising makeup trends do lean toward adapting eyeliners for lip use. Still, there's room for innovation in creating truly versatile, safe, and effective multi-purpose products for makeup artists and consumers that meet regulatory standards. Sign up for Kleverbox today and start discovering new brands. With eight full-size expert-curated beauty products every month, you're sure to find new favorites that will help you create the perfect look—whether you're looking for a bold lip or a dramatic eye.
A woman with dark hair and red lipstick.
ContourWhat Brush Should You Use for Contour Powder?Have you ever applied contouring powder with a foundation brush, only to be disappointed by the lack of payoff? Well, you're not alone. One wrong choice can ruin your makeup session, leaving you with patchy and uneven coverage, far from a flawless look. So, let's explore what brush you should use for contour powder so you can be photo-ready. » Want to control the shine and prevent creasing? Seize the power of primer Why Brush Selection Matters Contouring isn't just about your cheekbones; it can enhance other areas of your face, like the nose and jawline. The proper brush improves how your makeup applies and looks. For example, the one with natural bristles can help you create a sculpted finish by easily absorbing and distributing the pigment across your skin. Tip: Move your brush in circles for a smooth texture when contouring. » Want to improve your look? Check out the latest makeup trends 4 Shapes of Contour Brushes Various types of brushes are available, each with its own set of perks for application, precision, and blending. Here is a list of contouring brushes for powder application: 1. Fan Brush: Versatile brush for highlighting and light powder application in specific areas.2. Angled Contouring Brushes:Small angled: For precise application under the chin, around the nose, and under the brow bone. They help you create a defined finish.Medium-sized: Best for contouring the temples and jawline.Large angled: Suitable for cheekbones, these brushes help you apply the product precisely and create a soft finish due to their firm bristles.3. Curved Angle Brush: Applies the product precisely in the correct areas, working with the natural contours of your face.4. Larger, Dome-Shaped Brushes: Used for blending and achieving a seamless look. Brush Maintenance Brush hygiene is essential to avoid product buildup and ensure your makeup is flawless. If you use a cream brush, clean it after each use; the powder ones can go up to ten days between cleanings. Elevate Your Beauty Routine: Contour Like a Pro No matter what brush shape you choose, use it lightly and blend the product well. You also want your contour to look natural, so invest in brushes with natural fiber bristles and keep them clean. If you want to explore new beauty products for contouring, try Klever. Our monthly mystery beauty boxes are filled with full-size beauty products from up-and-coming brands to help you stay on top of your makeup game.