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How to Choose Right Eyeshadow for Every Eye Color

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Updated September 6, 2023.

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When it comes to makeup, your eyes are often the first thing people notice. Eyeshadow serves multiple purposes: it can define your eyes, highlight other facial features, complete your overall look, and even boost your confidence. But here's the catch: choosing the wrong eyeshadow color can make your eyes look dull, overshadowing your entire look. On the flip side, the right eyeshadow can make your eyes pop, complementing not just your eye color but your entire face.

Achieving stunning eye makeup requires a technique that can be easily perfected. Skip the boring eyeshadow-free or bronzed eyelid looks and learn how to choose eyeshadow colors that look great on you.

Understanding the Basics of Eyeshadow Selection

Choosing the perfect eyeshadow is more than just a game of chance; it's an art form that can be mastered with the help of the color wheel. When you find your eye color on this wheel, the hue directly across from it is your complementary eyeshadow shade. This pairing creates a captivating contrast, making your eyes the star of the show.

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But wait, there's more to consider than just complementary colors. Your skin's undertone plays a crucial role in how the eyeshadow will look on you.

For the warm undertones:

  • Gold
  • Orange
  • Red

For the cool undertones:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple

Let’s look at how to choose eyeshadow colors for different eye colors and shapes.

1. Choosing Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes

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When it comes to choosing what color eye shadow is for blue eyes, the concept of complementary colors is your best friend. Warm tones like copper, peach, and warm browns can make blue eyes truly stand out, thanks to their position on the opposite side of the color wheel.

But if you're looking for a more dramatic effect, cool tones like shades of blue and purple can create a striking contrast that's equally captivating.

If you're on the hunt for eyeshadow palettes with shades, consider these ones:

  1. Colour Pop Orange You Glad Eyeshadow Palette: With nine vibrant warm shades and a budget-friendly price tag of $14, it's a steal.
  2. Beauty Bay’s Passion In Paris Shadow Palette: For those who want the best of both worlds—warm and cool tones—this palette is another excellent choice, retailing for $16.

With these palettes, you'll have all you need to make your blue eyes the focal point of your look.

2. Selecting Eyeshadow for Hazel Eyes

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Hazel eyes are like chameleons; they can shift shades based on their surroundings, making them incredibly versatile. When considering what color eye shadow is for hazel eyes, opt for earthy tones like gold, green, and warm taupes. These shades will not only enhance the green and gold flecks in your hazel eyes but also add depth and dimension.

Given the unique adaptability of hazel eyes, don't shy away from experimenting with different eyeshadow shades. Whether it's a shimmery green for a night out or a gold-based gradient for a subtle daytime look, the possibilities are endless.

3. Picking Eyeshadow for Green Eyes

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Green eyes are a rarity, and the right eyeshadow can make them even more mesmerizing.

When pondering what color eyeshadow for green eyes, remember that useful color wheel. Red sits opposite to green, making shades like coral, burgundy, and warm purples ideal complements to green eyes. Whether it's a soft lilac for daytime or a deep, smoky purple for evening, these shades will make your green eyes pop.

Useful tip for choosing eyeshadow:

For something different, try earthy browns and neutral shades. These tones can give your green eyes a softer yet equally captivating look.

4. Matching Eyeshadow to Brown Eyes

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Brown eyes are like the little black dress of the eye color world; they go with just about everything. So if you are wondering what color eyeshadow for brown eyes to choose, you are in the right place. Whether it's warm golds, earthy tones like bronze and copper, or even vibrant blues and purples, brown eyes can pull off a wide range of shades effortlessly.

Want to be the star of the show?

Try deep purples for a mysterious allure or opt for rich blues to create a show-stopping look.

5. Enhancing Mature Eyes with Eyeshadow

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When it comes to mature eyes, less is often more. Matte eyeshadows are your best bet as they lack shimmer, preventing light from reflecting off the skin and emphasizing fine lines or creases, which really makes them the best eyeshadow color for mature eyes.

Let's see what color to choose:

  • Subtle shades offer a smooth finish that enhances the eyes
  • Neutral tones are the go-to for creating an elegant and youthful appearance
  • Soft pinks add a touch of femininity and freshness
  • Shades like taupe and beige bring warmth and dimension to your eyes

With the right matte shades, you can achieve a timeless look that celebrates your natural beauty.

6. Flattering Eyeshadow Choices for Hooded Eyes

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If you have started to give up on the search for the best eye shadow for hooded eyes, stop right here because you found the right place for it. Hooded eyes present a unique challenge in the world of eyeshadow application due to the excess skin that can obscure the eyelid.

However, with the right techniques and shades, you can make your eyes stand out beautifully. Matte shades are particularly effective for hooded eyes, as they can be used to emphasize the crease with slightly darker colors, adding much-needed dimension.

Here is a step-by-step guide for applying eyeshadow on hooded eyes:

  1. Start by blending a dark matte shade into the crease to create an illusion of depth.
  2. Follow this up with a light shimmer on the center of your lids.
  3. Finish off with eyeliner and curled lashes to make your eyes pop.

Unveiling Your Eyes' True Beauty With the Perfect Palette

We've journeyed through the world of eyeshadows, exploring how to choose the perfect shades based on eye color, skin undertones, and even eye shape. Remember, the key to nailing your eyeshadow look is experimentation—so don't be afraid to get creative.

If you're looking for a one-stop solution to kickstart your eyeshadow adventures, consider the Klever Beauty Box. Most boxes feature an eyeshadow palette with at least four diverse shades, allowing you to experiment freely. Not only do you get to try out different shades and formulas, but you can also trust the high-quality makeup included in these curated packages.

So go ahead, unleash your inner makeup artist, and let your eyes do the talking.

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