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How can I achieve a dewy finish with my foundation?

Asked 6 months ago

Hey community, I've been trying to get that coveted dewy finish with my foundation, but I'm struggling a bit. Every time I apply, it either looks too oily or just flat. Does anyone have any tips or techniques on how to achieve a natural, dewy glow with foundation? Thanks in advance for any advice!

Alison Reese

Wednesday, September 06, 2023


There are several ways for you to achieve a dewy foundation finish without looking oily or flat. Here is how:

  • Apply a liquid highlighter to the face after skincare and primer. This is a great tip if you are choosing to wear a matte foundation for its oily-skin friendliness but still wish to have a dewy finish.
  • Set the areas where you usually get oily with powder.
  • Apply a setting spray before and after finishing your makeup. You can choose an illuminating setting spray to add more dimension and dewiness to your skin.

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