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Farewell to Wrinkles: How Retinol Can Turn Back the Clock on Aging

Ditch the frown lines and embrace the youthful glow. Retinol is your skin's new BFF

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By Milly Mitchell
Lia du Preez
Edited by Lia du Preez

Published December 13, 2023.

A woman applying retinol to her face to reduce wrinkles.

The mirror tells the truth: wrinkles—like tiny time travelers—have etched their map across our faces. Some women try invasive procedures like Botox and fillers, but they're an expensive quick fix that can cause drooping and face asymmetry.

Retinol is a holistic way to reclaim your glow; it reveals the vibrant and youthful skin beneath the wrinkles. So, let's see how exactly it turns the clock back on aging.

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What is Retinol?

Retinol is a form of vitamin A that encourages the growth of new, smoother skin. It's good for mature skin because it helps with wrinkles and sagging by stimulating the production of collagen—a protein that diminishes with age.

This vitamin A formulation is also suitable for other skin concerns, including acne-prone or unevenly pigmented skin. That's why you should visit a dermatologist and check if retinol is necessary for your skin before using it.

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How to Use Retinol

Start with retinol gradually, applying a pea-sized amount of lower-concentration product to clean and dry skin—no more than twice a week. Evenings are the perfect time to put it on and let it do its magic, as the sun can damage your skin even on cloudy days.

Note: While retinol starts working immediately, prepare to wait up to a few weeks to start seeing the results.

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What Goes Well With Retinol?

Hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and niacinamide work well with retinol because they hydrate, support the skin barrier, and soothe potential irritation. Look for these ingredients in moisturizers, sheet masks, and spot treatments.

Avoid using harsh ingredients—especially vitamin C and benzoyl peroxide. Also, consult a dermatologist before starting retinol if you do beauty treatments like waxing, micro-needing, and chemical peels.

Note: Retinol makes your skin more sensitive to sunlight, regardless of the concentration. SPF is non-negotiable.

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Get Ready to Turn Back the Clock

In the initial weeks, your skin might experience increased breakouts or peeling. It's regular and usually temporary, as retinol brings underlying acne and dead skin cells to the surface. Also, look for formulas with hyaluronic acid or ceramides to boost moisture retention, and apply a hydrating cream after every use.

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