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Can Lip Liner Be Used as Eyeliner? Let’s Find Out

Tired of spending money on expensive eyeliners that only last a few weeks? Let's see if a lip liner can do the trick

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By Keti Nikolova
Dorian Rhode
Edited by Dorian Rhode

Published November 21, 2023.

Can lip liner be used as eyeliner: a woman using lip liner.

Lip liners, with their creamy textures and range of pigments, can seamlessly transition from defining your lips to accentuating your eyes.

They can easily adapt if you want a bold, dramatic cat-eye or a subtle tweak of your natural lash line. But are lip liners safe to use as eyeliners? And if so, how do you best apply them?

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Comparing Lip Liners and Eyeliners

Lip linerEyeliner
PurposeDefine the lips and prevent lipstick from featheringDefine the eyes
PigmentationMore pigmentedLess pigmented
IngredientsWaxes, preservatives, oils, pigmentsGels, pigments, preservatives

Can You Use Lip Liner as Eyeliner?

You can use lip liner as eyeliner in a pinch, but it's not recommended. FDA cosmetic guidelines say that some of its pigments and color additives can create discomfort, irritation, and damage your eyesight.

If you're in a rush and don't have eyeliner ready, clean your lip liner with alcohol and sharpen before use so you don't transfer bacteria to the eyes.

Note: Consult a dermatologist before using any new product on your skin, especially if it's sensitive. They can help you determine which ingredients are right for you.

A woman putting on makeup with a brush.

How To Use Lip Liner as Eyeliner

Draw the liner on your hand first to ensure it's soft enough. This method helps prevent dragging or pulling of the sensitive skin. To control consistency and avoid irritation, pick up the pigment with a sterilized makeup brush and gently apply it to the eyes.

Tip: Choose a long-lasting lip liner so it stays in place. You can also use it for creative accents around the eyebrows by mixing it with eyeshadows or glitters for a multidimensional and textured aesthetic.

Applying Lip Liner to the Eyes: How To Stay Safe

Follow these tips to ensure you don't irritate your eyes:

  • Sharpen the lip liner pencil before use to remove residual oil or debris.
  • Avoid applying lip liner to the lower lash line or inside the eyelid. The skin in these areas is even more delicate and prone to irritation.
  • If you're using a brush, clean it between applications to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Choose oil-based, fragrance-, and alcohol-free cleansers to effectively remove wax-heavy lip liners from the eyes.

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Multi-Purpose Products: A New Trend in Beauty

The rising makeup trends do lean toward adapting eyeliners for lip use. Still, there's room for innovation in creating truly versatile, safe, and effective multi-purpose products for makeup artists and consumers that meet regulatory standards.

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