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Navigating the Path of Positive Aging as a Woman

Shattering Beauty Myths: Redefining Aging as a Woman

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By Angie Richards Dickmeyer
Caitlin Snethlage
Edited by Caitlin Snethlage

Updated January 31, 2024.

A woman embracing positive aging with outstretched hands.

Traditionally, the media has portrayed an unrealistic image of feminine beauty, focused on youthfulness. But, a refreshing shift with positive aging at the forefront is happening. Research from Yale suggests this mindset might even improve long-term cognition.

Women are reclaiming their narratives and embracing their authentic selves, focusing on internal growth and fulfillment. So, let's explore how you can adopt this positive mindset and incorporate it into your life.

What Is Positive Aging?

Positive aging is about accepting the inevitable passage of time and actively embracing life at every stage. You're loving yourself and living to the fullest, doing everything you can do to be the best version of yourself

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Staying Active While Aging Gracefully

Exercise is essential for your well-being at any age, but even more so as you age because it can help by:

  1. Increasing energy levels and reducing fatigue
  2. Managing heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and arthritis
  3. Bolstering mood and stress reduction through endorphin release
  4. Boosting strength, stamina, and independence
  5. Improving self-esteem
  6. Creating a chance for you to socialize through group workout classes

Regular exercise helps you discover what your body can achieve at any life stage. With increasing research supporting the benefits of weight training for women—especially as we age—more ladies are hitting the gym.

Small changes like brisk walking, gentle yoga, or swimming can make a big difference. Find activities you enjoy, start gradually, and listen to your body.

Note: Talk to a physician if you notice any physical changes. They'll identify any age-related hormonal imbalances and deficiencies and suggest treatment.

A group of women embracing positive aging by doing yoga.

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Pamper Yourself

You might notice fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, and changes in skin elasticity as you age. These changes are natural; there's no need to be embarrassed about them. But, with the correct beauty routine, you can minimize their effects.

Skincare Tips:

  • Cleanse and Exfoliate: Use a gentle cleanser and regular light exfoliant. This removes dead cells, revealing the fresher layers beneath.
  • Hydrate and Nourish: Look for hyaluronic acid to boost hydration, retinol to stimulate collagen production, and peptides to improve skin elasticity.
  • Stay Consistent: Maintain a daily skincare routine. Start your day with serums, moisturizers, and sunscreen. Before bed, remove makeup and cleanse your face.

Note: Avoid the sun if you're using retinol for wrinkles; apply these products at night.

Makeup Tips:

  • Hydration: Opt for hydrating formulas with skincare benefits to avoid settling fine lines.
  • Lip Color: Mature women applying lipstick should stick to balanced shades to create the illusion of fuller lips. Avoid overly dark colors that can make the lips look smaller.
  • Hooded Lids: Makeup tricks like eyeshadow placement and eyeliner techniques can create a lifted and brighter eye appearance.
  • Moderation is Key: Less is often more with makeup application. Focus on enhancing your features, not covering them up.

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Enrich Your Mind

Positive aging isn't just about staying physically active—it's about keeping your mind vibrant and engaged.

For example, dedicate part of your morning to reading a book or an article. A study from Southern Illinois University also revealed that mindfulness enhanced mental well-being and decreased perceived stress.

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Connect To Your Community

Life gets busy—work demands, family obligations, and responsibilities can fill calendars. Focusing on our social relationships is necessary for our well-being. They provide a support network, boost happiness, reduce stress, and add richness to life.

Make time for friends and family with a quick phone call, a shared meal, or a weekend outing. You can also join groups or classes focused on your interests. Book clubs, hiking groups, art classes—these offer opportunities to meet like-minded individuals and create new friendships.

A group of women embracing positive aging by socializing.

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Redefine Your Aging Journey

Forget societal expectations and embrace the freedom to define your aging journey. Your self-confidence and acceptance can also inspire other women to embrace getting older. It's always possible to discover new interests and express your creativity, so take up a new hobby, explore a new sport, or try a bold new look.

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