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Beauty guides4 Ipsy Alternatives: Discovering New Beauty Box FavoritesWe always love trying out new beauty products, and beauty subscription boxes are one of the best ways to indulge. According to a Statista survey, 40% of consumers are interested in subscribing to at least one of them. If you're a first-time subscriber, the Ipsy Glam Bag is a good starting point. The monthly package features five sample-sized hair, makeup, and nail care products—a $70 worth of products for just $13 and a makeup bag. But there are several other options besides Ipsy’s Glam Bag, some more affordable, others more suited to your needs. 4 Alternatives to Ipsy Glam Bag 1. Best Overall Beauty Subscription Box: Klever Beauty Box2. Best Beauty Box for Personalization: BoxyCharm Beauty Box 3. Best Beauty Box for Experimentation: Macy's Beauty Box 4. Best Beauty Box for Trendy Products: GLOSSYBOX 1. Best Overall Beauty Subscription Box: Klever Beauty Box Subscription plans: One month, six months, and a yearly planPrice: From $29/month The Klever Beauty Box offers eight full-size makeup products from small, indie, and large-scale brands worth over $100. You get a rewarding experience every month, as each box contains a mix of skincare, makeup, and haircare products from a variety of new and established brands. ProsFull-size products onlyVariety of productsFlexible cancellation and paymentsStocks vegan productsConsDoesn't ship outside the US 2. Best for Product Personalization: BoxyCharm Beauty Box Subscription plans: MonthlyPrice: From $28/month If you’re not one for the surprises, BoxyCharm has got you covered. You can personalize your boxes through a comprehensive quiz you fill out on the website. From how often you’d like toners and serums to your skin type and hair color. You can also choose additional items you'd like to add. ProsCustomizable boxesEasy upgrade to a quarterly planFull-size products worth $200 includedConsQuiz takes a while to completeDoesn't offer as many products as Klever » Find out if beauty subscription boxes are worth it 3. Best for Experimentation: Macy's Beauty Box Subscription plans: MonthlyPrice: From $15/month Macy's curated box offers five sample-sized products such as sheet masks, headbands, fragrances, and eyeshadow palettes. You also get a $5 coupon and an additional surprise item in your box when you subscribe. ProsIncludes high-end brandsCurated boxes that suit the seasonsFrequent discountsConsBoxes aren't customizableDoesn't ship outside the US » Check out the latest makeup trends you need to try out 4. Best for Trendy Products: GLOSSYBOX Subscription plans: MonthlyPrice: From $21/month Trends come and go, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't get to try them. GLOSSYBOX offers up-to-date beauty products like blush and lip oil at a fraction of the price. The box includes five samples from popular and quality brands like Chloe and Kaleido valued at about $60 for just $21. ProsIncludes trendy productsShips outside of the USWide range of brands to tryConsSample-sized products onlyBoxes aren't customizable Unboxing Beauty: A World of Makeup Subscription Boxes Beauty subscription boxes aren't only cost-effective ways to experiment with various products. They can also be a great form of retail therapy for sad days. And no matter what you’re in the market for, whether it's a skincare-filled box or a box full of luxury treats, there’s a beauty box out there for your retail pleasure.
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Beauty guidesPsychology of Beauty: Understanding Why Women Wear MakeupMakeup has always been a powerful tool for women to express themselves and enhance their beauty. It allows us to communicate different aspects of our personality, identity, and creativity. The reasons why women wear makeup are complex and varied, ranging from wanting to look more attractive and confident to fitting into societal norms. Some women wear makeup to hide blemishes or scars while others use it as a way to seduce and attract attention. Overall, makeup is a way for women to feel empowered and in control of their appearance. The Power of Makeup Application The application of makeup is a daily ritual that holds different meanings for different women. Camouflaging and Confidence Camouflaging with makeup means using it to hide things like scars or acne. It's not just about hiding these physical things but also about helping to feel better on the inside. How does makeup affect your confidence and self-esteem?The impact of makeup on a woman’s confidence, self-esteem, and overall sense of empowerment is profound. When women feel they look good, it inherently boosts their self-esteem and optimism. Seduction and Societal Acceptance Seduction, as a reason for wearing makeup, is tied to the desire to be perceived as more attractive and to boost confidence. Historically, makeup has been used to enhance natural beauty and make individuals more appealing. Some people believe that applying a rosy tint to the lips or cheeks can enhance one's attractiveness in certain situations. The Ritual of Self-Care: Nurturing Body and Soul Embracing beauty and self-care is a ritual, a dedicated time and practice that varies significantly among different women and societies. This ritual isn't only a process but a mindset toward beauty, involving the entire body. Engaging in self-care, whether through makeup application or skincare routines, is a holistic approach that reflects and influences how one feels throughout the day. » Get flawless coverage by mastering the art of blending foundation What Are the Benefits of Makeup The benefits of wearing makeup are diverse and can range from looking healthier and younger to feeling more confident and attractive. It's about enhancing natural beauty and sometimes protecting the skin. The consistent routine of applying makeup can lead to long-term benefits, such as better skin and a more youthful appearance, especially when combined with disciplined skincare. Expressing Creativity through Makeup The art of makeup allows you to express creativity and style through experimentation with different colors and textures of cosmetics that reflect your emotions. It enables you to visually communicate your personality and identity without verbal communication. From iconic figures like Marilyn Monroe, who is instantly associated with her signature red lipstick and eyeliner, to everyday people, makeup serves as a powerful tool for self-expression and identity. Cultural norms play a significant role in influencing a woman's choice to wear makeup. In certain cultures and societies, putting on makeup is considered a crucial aspect of femininity and is incorporated into daily routines. On the other hand, some cultures may not place much emphasis on makeup application and instead prioritize natural beauty or alternative forms of self-expression. » Discover how to choose the eyeshadow to enhance your eye color Advice for Makeup Beginners Here’s a simplified guide to help you navigate through the initial stages of makeup application: Start simple: Start with a few basic products, like a good moisturizer, foundation, bronzer, and lipstick that complements your skin tone. Master the application of bronzer and blush before expanding your makeup collection.Understand the basics: Familiarize yourself with basic makeup application techniques, such as blending and contouring.Tailor to your needs: Identify your skin type (oily, dry, combination) and choose products that cater to its specific needs. Quality over quantity: Invest in a few high-quality products that provide better application and longevity.Skin care is key: Ensure you have a good skincare routine in place, as healthy skin provides a better base for makeup. Always remove your makeup at the end of the day to maintain skin health.Experiment and have fun: Don’t be afraid to try out different products and colors to discover what works best for you. Embracing Beauty: A Reflection on Makeup and Self-Expression Makeup serves as a powerful tool that not only enhances physical appearance but also acts as a medium through which women can navigate their self-esteem, societal expectations, and self-expression. Klever Beauty Box offers a seamless beauty experience that complements your self-care rituals and makeup practices. Each monthly subscription box delivers 8 full-size makeup products, including brushes, sponges, and a variety of makeup. The thoughtful selections in each box enhance your beauty rituals and elevate your daily routines, allowing you to explore and indulge in your beauty while letting it shine through.
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Beauty guides5 Best Ways to Apply & Blend Foundation, With or Without a BrushThe well-applied and blended foundation can make a striking change to your overall look. It not only conceals imperfections but also provides a smooth canvas for the rest of your makeup. The key to a flawless finish lies in the application technique and the tools you use. From brushes and sponges to your own fingertips, each applicator offers a different level of coverage and finish. According to the survey, 106.88 million women in the U.S. used foundation or concealer makeup in 2020? Yes, you read that right! This struggle is not uncommon, leading to spending countless minutes in front of the mirror, trying to get that seamless blend. Whether you're a makeup novice or a seasoned pro, these tips will help you achieve that flawless base you've always dreamed of. 1. Using a Makeup Brush for Precision When it comes to applying foundation, the tool you choose can significantly impact the final look. A foundation brush is a popular choice for its precision, control, and ability to evenly distribute products. However, it's worth noting that brushes can sometimes leave streaks if not used correctly and may absorb more product than sponges, leading to potential waste. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to apply foundation with a brush: Start with a clean, moisturized face and a primer if you use one.Choose the right brush for your foundation type. Dispense a few pumps of foundation onto the back of your hand or a mixing palette.Dip the brush into the foundation, picking up a small amount of product.Apply foundation in circular motions from the center to the outer areas of your face.Blend evenly, focusing on the edges of the face and eyes for a seamless finish.For a more airbrushed finish, you can go over your face lightly with a damp makeup sponge. Tips: Always clean your brush regularly to avoid bacteria buildup and uneven application. Also, use light pressure and build up coverage gradually to avoid a cakey look. 2. Creating a Natural Finish With a Makeup Sponge If you're aiming for a natural, skin-like finish, a makeup sponge is an excellent choice, renowned for its blending capabilities and versatility. The tapered end allows for easy access to the corners of your face, offering a seamless finish. However, be aware that sponges can absorb a significant amount of product, which may require multiple applications for those seeking full coverage. Effective sponge application techniques: Use the flat side of the sponge for larger areas and the pointed end for precision.Roll the sponge over your skin for an airbrushed finish.Build up coverage gradually, adding more products as needed. 3. Mastering Finger Application for a Natural Look If you find yourself without a brush or sponge, don't worry—your fingers can be an effective alternative for applying foundation. The warmth from your fingers not only helps to blend the foundation seamlessly into your skin but also provides a natural, soft finish. However, keep in mind that using your fingers can be more time-consuming as they cover less surface area compared to brushes and sponges. Here's how to apply foundation with your fingers: Start with a clean, moisturized face. Make sure your hands are also clean by washing them thoroughly.Dispense a small amount of foundation onto the back of your hand.Use the pads of your fingers to pick up the product.Dot the foundation around your face.Use your fingers to tap and blend the foundation into your skin, starting from the center and working your way outwards.Use a tapping motion rather than a rubbing motion to avoid streaksIf you find that you need more coverage, apply another layer and blend again. 4. Combining Techniques for Customized Coverage If you're torn between brushes, sponges, and fingers for applying foundation, why not use all three? Start with a buffing brush for the initial application, ensuring even coverage. Follow up with a damp sponge to press the product into your skin, eliminating any lines or streaks. Finally, use your fingers to touch up specific areas that may need extra coverage. The advantage of this method is that it offers the best of all worlds: the precision of a brush, the blending capabilities of a sponge, and the natural finish that comes from using your fingers. However, there are some setbacks to consider. Combining multiple techniques means you'll have more tools to clean, which can be time-consuming. Adapting Methods to Skin Type and Desired Look For dry skin: You might want to skip the brush and use a damp sponge and fingers for a more hydrating finish.For oily skin: A brush can offer better control over product placement, followed by a sponge to blend.For the full-coverage look: Start with a brush and finish with a sponge to ensure there are no visible lines or streaks. 5. Beginner-Friendly Liquid Foundation Application Starting your journey into the world of makeup can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially when it comes to applying liquid foundation. Liquid foundation is a versatile option that works well for most skin types. It is also easier to blend, although it can be messy to apply and may require a setting powder to last throughout the day. Tip: Always start with a clean, moisturized face. Applying a primer, especially on the oiliest parts of your face, can help your foundation adhere better and last longer Advice for perfecting your technique: Start with a small amount of product and build up coverage gradually. This allows you to control the level of coverage and prevents a cakey look.Blend in sections to avoid uneven application. This is especially important as you're still learning the ropes.Practice makes perfect. The more you practice, the quicker and more skilled you'll become at applying foundation. Mastering Foundation Application: Your Canvas, Your Art With numerous options for foundation application, the choice ultimately boils down to your personal preference and the finish you desire. As you embark on this journey to create a stunning makeup look that reflects your individual style, consider subscribing to Klever Beauty Box. This subscription box delivers 8 full-size makeup products to your doorstep every month, including a variety of makeup, brushes, and sponges. It's a fantastic way to experiment with different application methods and elevate your blending game.
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Beauty guidesMakeup Brush 101: Understanding the Different Types and UsesWhether you're a makeup novice or a seasoned pro, the right set of makeup brushes can make all the difference in achieving a flawless finish. Believe it or not, using the appropriate brush for specific tasks can elevate your makeup game significantly. I remember starting my makeup journey with just a large bronzing brush and an eyeliner brush. Fast forward to today, and a basic set of quality brushes allows me to effortlessly create my signature look. In this article, we will be exploring which types of makeup brushes you should have in your vanity and how to use, store, and clean them. Understanding the Different Types of Makeup Brushes and Their Uses Navigating the world of makeup brushes can be overwhelming, especially with the variety of shapes, sizes, and materials available. But don't worry, the essentials can be broken down into three main categories: Face brushes Eye brushesLip brushes Face Brushes When it comes to face brushes, keep in mind the type of makeup products you use because some makeup brushes are multi-purpose: Foundation Brush (Kabuki or Buffing Brush): The brush has a flat-top design and dense bristles for smooth and even application of foundation, perfect for achieving full-coverage looks.Powder Brush (Tapered Face Brush): The brush has large, fluffy bristles that evenly distribute loose or pressed powder. It is versatile and can also apply blush or contour and set the under-eye area.Blush Brush (Angled Design): The angled design of the blush brush allows for precise blush and contour application, defining and sculpting cheekbones, making it a staple in any makeup brush set. Eye Makeup Brushes Some eye makeup brushes are are flat-shaped and come in various sizes, making them ideal for applying the base color on your eyelids. Depending on your technique, these brushes can also be used for blending. They are a must-have for anyone who loves playing with eyeshadow. Blending Brush: The soft and fluffy bristles of these eyeshadow brushes allow for a seamless blending experience. The quality and material of these brushes are crucial for optimal performance.Angled Liner Brush: To improve your eyeliner application, use small strokes and a light hand to build up the product gradually for a smooth line. Lip Brushes Lip brushes may resemble eye or concealer brushes, but they are designed with fine, tapered bristles specifically for the precise application of lipstick or lip gloss. These brushes are smaller and more efficient, making them ideal for detailed work on the lips. If you struggle with shaky hands, a lip brush is a must-have tool to achieve that perfect pout. How to Use Different Types of Makeup Brushes The order in which you apply makeup is a personal choice. I prefer to start with my eyes, but you can tailor this routine to fit your own preferences. With these steps, you'll be well on your way to mastering the art of makeup application. Starting with the Eyes Before diving into the rest of your makeup routine, it's essential to start with the eyes to set the stage for a stunning look. Here's how to master eye makeup using various brushes: Concealer Brush: Apply a thin layer of concealer to your eyelids as a base to make your eyeshadow pop.Flat Eyeshadow Brush: Apply eyeshadow to your eyelid. For a light wash of color, swipe it on; to intensify, pat the eyeshadow on.Blending Brush: Use this brush in a swiping motion to blend the edges of your eyeshadow. To deepen the look, apply a darker shade in the creases.Angled Liner Brush: Finish the eye look by applying liquid liner or dark eyeshadow along the lash line. You can also use this brush to fill in sparse brows with eyeshadow that matches your natural color. Moving on to the Face and Lips After perfecting your eye makeup, it's time to focus on achieving a flawless complexion and luscious lips. Here's your step-by-step guide to using face and lip brushes for a complete makeup look: Foundation Brush (Flat Top): Use this brush to evenly apply foundation all over your face. Its flat surface allows for an even distribution of products.Concealer Brush: Spot conceal areas on your face and under your eyes if needed.Powder Brush: Apply a light layer of face powder to set your makeup.Tapered Blush Brush: Add color to your cheeks, and if you're feeling adventurous, to your nose as well.Highlighter Brush: Apply a light amount of shimmery shadow or highlighter to the tops of your cheeks and brow bone for added dimension.Lip Brush: Outline your lips with this brush as a guide, and then fill them in with your lipstick. Caring for Your Makeup Brushes Proper care of your makeup brushes is crucial for both hygiene and longevity. Neglecting this aspect can lead to skin issues and a shorter lifespan for your brushes. How to Store Makeup Brushes: Brush Holders or Cups: Storing your brushes upright in holders or cups is more hygienic than keeping them in makeup bags.Avoid Damp Environments: Make sure to store your brushes in a dry, well-ventilated area to prevent any unpleasant odors or bacterial growth. Cleaning Makeup Brushes To ensure the longevity and hygiene of your makeup brushes, regular cleaning is a must—here's how to do it right. How to Clean Makeup Brushes Maintaining the cleanliness of your makeup brushes is not just a matter of extending their lifespan—it's also crucial for your skin's health. Here is what you need to know about cleaning: Frequency: Brushes used for liquid products should be cleaned every 2 days, while those used for powder makeup should be washed weekly.Cleansers: Use gentle brush cleansers or mild soap to clean your brushes.Technique: Wet the bristles, lather with cleanser, rinse thoroughly, and reshape the brush before letting it dry. What to Use to Clean Makeup Brushes Choosing the right cleaning solution for your makeup brushes is as important as the cleaning process itself. The right cleanser can effectively remove makeup residue, oils, and bacteria without damaging the bristles. In this section, we'll explore various options you can use to keep your brushes in tip-top shape. Commercial Solutions: These are formulated specifically for brush cleaning and are generally very effective.Gentle Shampoos or Baby Soaps: These are mild enough to clean without damaging the bristles. I personally stumbled upon this method and found baby shampoo to be quite effective.DIY Brush Cleansers: You can create a DIY cleanser by mixing olive oil with dish soap. Simply rub your brushes gently on the palm of your hand to massage the makeup off. Brushing Up Your Beauty Routine Understanding the different types of makeup brushes, their specific uses, and how to properly maintain them is crucial for anyone looking to enhance their beauty game. Remember, the art of makeup is not just about the products you use but also the tools you apply them with. If you're looking to expand your brush collection without breaking the bank, consider subscribing to the Klever Beauty Box. For just $29 a month, you'll receive 8 full-sized beauty products, including makeup brushes, all of which are vegan and cruelty-free.
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Beauty guidesFinding Your Perfect Blush Placement: 8 Tips for Every Face ShapeAdding a flush of color to the cheeks with blush can help warm the complexion by mimicking a healthy, vibrant glow or even sculpt the face by accentuating the cheekbones and other facial features. According to research, purchases of blush overall increased by 17% from 2020 to 2022, indicating a growing interest in this makeup essential. From the start of my makeup application journey, I could pick up techniques easily. Blush, on the other hand, was tough to get used to. Luckily, I learned that blush placement is never one-size-fits-all. In this article, I'll share tips on blush placement for different face shapes so you can master this important makeup technique. Blush Placement for Different Face Shapes Finding the most flattering blush placement can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. The secret is understanding how your face shape should guide your blush application. Blush does two main things: It adds much-needed color to your skin Enhances your natural features by giving you a radiant, healthy glow 1. Blush Placement for Round Faces The round face is characterized by a circular shape with full, soft cheeks and a less defined jawline and chin. While round faces have an inherent warmth and youthfulness, blush application is key to adding more structure and dimension. The goal is to slim the appearance of the cheeks while enhancing the eyes, cheekbones, and jaw. Steps for applying blush on round faces: Apply above the apples of your cheeksSweep in a diagonal line towards your templesUse a light hand and build up the color gradually 2. Blush Placement for Oval Faces An oval face shape is marked by its proportional width and length as well as a softly curved jawline. The objective when applying blush to an oval face is to accentuate this natural symmetry while adding a touch of width and contour for extra definition. By doing so, you can create a radiant and youthful appearance that highlights your face's innate harmony. Steps for creating a youthful appearance on an oval shape: Apply blush on the apples of your cheeksBlend slightly upwards towards the temples Tip: Choose blush shades that add a natural glow to your skin, such as soft pink, peaches, or corals. These colors contribute to a radiant and youthful appearance. 3. Blush Placement for Heart-Shaped Faces A heart-shaped face is characterized by a broad forehead and wide cheekbones that taper down to a petite, narrow chin. This shape creates a captivating yet sometimes uneven appearance, making strategic makeup application essential for balance. Steps to Soften a Prominent Forehead and Define the Chin: Apply blush on the lower apples of your cheeksUse a fluffy brush for blending and ensure there are no harsh lines Blend it slightly upwards towards the temples Apply a light touch of blush on the chin to give it a fuller appearance Choose a blush shade that complements the rest of the makeup This technique draws attention away from the forehead and adds balance to the lower part of the face. 4. Blush Placement for Square Faces A square face shape is characterized by its strong jawline, broad forehead, prominent cheeks, and straight hairline, all of which contribute to an angular and structured appearance. While this shape is naturally striking, the right blush placement can be a game-changer in softening those sharp angles and bringing balance to your face. By focusing on strategic areas, you can turn your square face into a more refined canvas that highlights your eyes and cheekbones. Steps for Applying Blush for Square Face: Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks for a softer lookBlend blush in a circular motion for softer featuresBlend blush upwards towards the hairline for a natural gradient and softer look After you've successfully softened angular features, consider these compatible makeup styles to further complement the softened edges: Natural Smokey Eye: A soft, natural smokey eye can add depth and dimension without adding harshness, making it a perfect complement to your softened features.Nude Lips: Opt for nude or soft pink lip shades that won't compete with your blush but will add to the overall soft and harmonious look.Dewy Finish: A dewy foundation finish can add to the softening effect, giving your skin a youthful, radiant glow.Soft Contour: If you still want some definition, go for a soft contour that subtly enhances your natural features without making them appear too sharp.Muted Eyeliner: Instead of a sharp winged eyeliner, try a softer line, or even a smudged eyeliner look to keep everything soft and balanced. 5. Blush Placement for Diamond Faces A diamond face shape is marked by its high, chiseled cheekbones, a narrow forehead and chin, and an elongated overall appearance. While naturally captivating, the right blush placement is crucial for harmonizing these unique proportions. Skillfully applied blush can elevate a diamond face shape, drawing attention to your eyes and sculpted cheekbones while achieving a balanced look. Steps for Highlighting Cheekbones: Start Clean: Begin with a clean, moisturized face and your usual foundation and concealer.Choose the Right Shade: Opt for a blush color that complements your skin tone and the rest of your makeup.Pick the Right Brush: Use a fluffy, angled blush brush for precise application.Placement: Apply blush directly on the highest point of your cheekbones, where they are most prominent.Blend Upwards: Blend the blush upwards towards your temples in a diagonal line, following the natural line of your cheekbones.Soft Blend: Use a clean, fluffy brush to blend out any harsh lines for a seamless finish.Check Balance: Take a step back and assess. Add more products if needed, but remember, less is more. 6. Blush Placement for Long Faces For a long face shape, which is marked by an elongated silhouette and similar widths of the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline, the goal is to visually shorten the face. To achieve this, apply blush horizontally across the apples of your cheeks. Start from the area directly under your eyes and extend the color towards your ears. This placement helps to counterbalance the vertical length of the face. Steps to Achieve a Harmonious Look for Long Faces: Choose the Right Brush: Opt for a fluffy blush brush to achieve a soft, diffused look.Start Small: Begin with a small amount of blush to avoid over-application.Blend in Circles: Use circular motions to blend the blush, focusing on the center of your cheeksBuild Up Color: Gradually add more products to achieve a natural appearance.Suitable Blush Color: Choose warm, peachy tones or soft pinks. These shades add a youthful glow and harmonize well with the natural undertones of a long face. 7. Blush Placement for Chubby Cheeks If you're graced with fuller cheeks, the art of blush application lies in achieving both balance and a radiant glow. The right placement and shade of blush can accentuate the cheeks, lending a vibrant yet harmonious appearance. Skillfully applied color in strategic areas will elevate your cheeks to their most radiant and sculpted best. This technique lifts the face and creates a slimming effect. The goal is to add a healthy glow without emphasizing the fullness. Using a light hand and blending well ensures that the blush complements rather than overwhelms the cheeks. Expert Tip: Try natural shades like soft pinks or muted peaches to enhance the cheeks subtly. These colors add a touch of radiance without overwhelming the face. Steer clear of overly dark or bright shades, as they can make the cheeks appear heavier. 8. Blush Placement for High Cheekbones For people who have naturally high cheekbones, a delicate touch is key when applying blush to highlight without overwhelming this striking feature. High cheekbones naturally draw attention to the middle of the face, creating a lifted appearance. Because of this, the blush application should be subtle to enhance rather than overshadow this feature. Steps for Blush Placement to Accentuate High Cheekbones: Use buildable and blendable formulas like powder or cream blushes. These types of blush give you more control and result in a natural finish. Apply the blush at the highest point of your cheekbones.Blend it diagonally towards the temples. This placement not only highlights the cheekbones but also adds a natural lift to the face, especially when on the hollows of the cheeks. Expert Tip: Avoid overly shimmery or glittery blushes, as they can make the cheekbones appear too prominent or harsh. Blushing Your Way to Perfect Harmony While following recommendations is helpful, don’t be afraid to get creative and find what flatters you best. Tools like the Klever Beauty Box make exploration fun through an element of surprise. This subscription box delivers eight mystery makeup products monthly, including an array of blushes ideal for enhancing your face shape. With the tricks you’ve learned, you can now tailor your blush for a polished, professional makeup look that accentuates your natural beauty.
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Beauty guidesHow to Choose Right Eyeshadow for Every Eye ColorWhen it comes to makeup, your eyes are often the first thing people notice. Eyeshadow serves multiple purposes: it can define your eyes, highlight other facial features, complete your overall look, and even boost your confidence. But here's the catch: choosing the wrong eyeshadow color can make your eyes look dull, overshadowing your entire look. On the flip side, the right eyeshadow can make your eyes pop, complementing not just your eye color but your entire face. Achieving stunning eye makeup requires a technique that can be easily perfected. Skip the boring eyeshadow-free or bronzed eyelid looks and learn how to choose eyeshadow colors that look great on you. Understanding the Basics of Eyeshadow Selection Choosing the perfect eyeshadow is more than just a game of chance; it's an art form that can be mastered with the help of the color wheel. When you find your eye color on this wheel, the hue directly across from it is your complementary eyeshadow shade. This pairing creates a captivating contrast, making your eyes the star of the show. But wait, there's more to consider than just complementary colors. Your skin's undertone plays a crucial role in how the eyeshadow will look on you. For the warm undertones: Gold OrangeRed For the cool undertones: BlueGreenPurple Let’s look at how to choose eyeshadow colors for different eye colors and shapes. 1. Choosing Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes When it comes to choosing what color eye shadow is for blue eyes, the concept of complementary colors is your best friend. Warm tones like copper, peach, and warm browns can make blue eyes truly stand out, thanks to their position on the opposite side of the color wheel. But if you're looking for a more dramatic effect, cool tones like shades of blue and purple can create a striking contrast that's equally captivating. If you're on the hunt for eyeshadow palettes with shades, consider these ones: Colour Pop Orange You Glad Eyeshadow Palette: With nine vibrant warm shades and a budget-friendly price tag of $14, it's a steal. Beauty Bay’s Passion In Paris Shadow Palette: For those who want the best of both worlds—warm and cool tones—this palette is another excellent choice, retailing for $16. With these palettes, you'll have all you need to make your blue eyes the focal point of your look. 2. Selecting Eyeshadow for Hazel Eyes Hazel eyes are like chameleons; they can shift shades based on their surroundings, making them incredibly versatile. When considering what color eye shadow is for hazel eyes, opt for earthy tones like gold, green, and warm taupes. These shades will not only enhance the green and gold flecks in your hazel eyes but also add depth and dimension. Given the unique adaptability of hazel eyes, don't shy away from experimenting with different eyeshadow shades. Whether it's a shimmery green for a night out or a gold-based gradient for a subtle daytime look, the possibilities are endless. 3. Picking Eyeshadow for Green Eyes Green eyes are a rarity, and the right eyeshadow can make them even more mesmerizing. When pondering what color eyeshadow for green eyes, remember that useful color wheel. Red sits opposite to green, making shades like coral, burgundy, and warm purples ideal complements to green eyes. Whether it's a soft lilac for daytime or a deep, smoky purple for evening, these shades will make your green eyes pop. Useful tip for choosing eyeshadow:For something different, try earthy browns and neutral shades. These tones can give your green eyes a softer yet equally captivating look. 4. Matching Eyeshadow to Brown Eyes Brown eyes are like the little black dress of the eye color world; they go with just about everything. So if you are wondering what color eyeshadow for brown eyes to choose, you are in the right place. Whether it's warm golds, earthy tones like bronze and copper, or even vibrant blues and purples, brown eyes can pull off a wide range of shades effortlessly. Want to be the star of the show? Try deep purples for a mysterious allure or opt for rich blues to create a show-stopping look. 5. Enhancing Mature Eyes with Eyeshadow When it comes to mature eyes, less is often more. Matte eyeshadows are your best bet as they lack shimmer, preventing light from reflecting off the skin and emphasizing fine lines or creases, which really makes them the best eyeshadow color for mature eyes. Let's see what color to choose: Subtle shades offer a smooth finish that enhances the eyes Neutral tones are the go-to for creating an elegant and youthful appearanceSoft pinks add a touch of femininity and freshness Shades like taupe and beige bring warmth and dimension to your eyes With the right matte shades, you can achieve a timeless look that celebrates your natural beauty. 6. Flattering Eyeshadow Choices for Hooded Eyes If you have started to give up on the search for the best eye shadow for hooded eyes, stop right here because you found the right place for it. Hooded eyes present a unique challenge in the world of eyeshadow application due to the excess skin that can obscure the eyelid. However, with the right techniques and shades, you can make your eyes stand out beautifully. Matte shades are particularly effective for hooded eyes, as they can be used to emphasize the crease with slightly darker colors, adding much-needed dimension. Here is a step-by-step guide for applying eyeshadow on hooded eyes: Start by blending a dark matte shade into the crease to create an illusion of depth.Follow this up with a light shimmer on the center of your lids.Finish off with eyeliner and curled lashes to make your eyes pop. Unveiling Your Eyes' True Beauty With the Perfect Palette We've journeyed through the world of eyeshadows, exploring how to choose the perfect shades based on eye color, skin undertones, and even eye shape. Remember, the key to nailing your eyeshadow look is experimentation—so don't be afraid to get creative. If you're looking for a one-stop solution to kickstart your eyeshadow adventures, consider the Klever Beauty Box. Most boxes feature an eyeshadow palette with at least four diverse shades, allowing you to experiment freely. Not only do you get to try out different shades and formulas, but you can also trust the high-quality makeup included in these curated packages. So go ahead, unleash your inner makeup artist, and let your eyes do the talking.
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Beauty guidesSunkissed & Snatched: Where to Apply Bronzer for Every Face ShapeWhat is bronzer used for, you ask? It's the product that serves to add warmth, dimension, and a radiant glow to your face. From personal experience, I can attest that the right bronzer can make all the difference, even on days when you're not wearing foundation. However, the key to unlocking its full potential lies in selecting the appropriate shade for your skin tone and mastering the art of application. So, whether you're a makeup novice or a seasoned pro, understanding these nuances can be a game-changer in your beauty routine. Understanding Bronzer and Its Purpose Bronzer replicates the sun-kissed glow of your skin after a day of sunbathing. Beyond just adding warmth, the right bronzer can also enhance the dimensions of your face, creating contours and shadows for a more sculpted look. Depending on the shade and undertone of your bronzer, it can also be used to: Add a sharper dimension to your faceContoursAdds shadow. Tip: It's good to remember that bronzer should enhance, not transform, your natural skin tone. Using an ill-suited shade or applying it incorrectly can lead to a muddy, unnatural appearance. Identifying Your Face Shape Understanding your face shape is crucial when it comes to enhancing your natural beauty with bronzer. But there's another related uncertainty: Is bronzer the same as contour? Contour and bronzer both add dimension to your face but aren't exactly the same. Bronzer is primarily used to: Add warmthAdd a sun-kissed glow While contour is designed to: Create shadowsDefine angles. Some can be used interchangeably, but avoid contour with shimmer for bronzing. Whether you're asking, "What is bronzer used for?" or "Do you need bronzer?" knowing your face shape and the distinctions between bronzer and contour can make all the difference in your makeup routine. Bronzer Application for Different Face Shapes The wrong bronzer application for specific face shapes can drastically change your face. It's okay if you intend to look tanned, but not if you want a natural sun-kissed look. Here is a guide on how to apply it for every face shape. Round Face Shapes If you have a round face, characterized by fuller cheeks and a wide forehead, bronzer can be your best friend for adding dimension and definition. Without bronzer or contour, a round face can appear flat post-foundation, lacking the natural contours. Tip: Use a big angled brush to apply bronzer for perfect blending. For round face shapes, a matte bronzer is better for sculpting than a shimmery one. Step-by-Step Bronzer Application for a Round Face: Begin your bronzer application by focusing on your cheekbones.Position your brush at the hairline near your ear and gently blend the bronzer towards the front of your face. This creates the illusion of more sculpted cheekbones.Lightly apply bronzer around your temples for warmth and further facial definition.Sweep the bronzer along the outer perimeter of your jawline. Oval Face Shapes Oval faces offer a balanced canvas that's relatively easy to bronze. In fact, I have an oval face shape myself and find that bronzing techniques can be quite flexible and tailored to individual preferences. With balanced proportions, you have the freedom to experiment and tailor your bronzing technique to suit your personal preferences, whether that's adding warmth, creating definition, or even altering the perceived length of your face. Square Face Shapes Square face shapes have an equally wide forehead and jawline. With this face shape, it is important to note that when it comes to applying bronzer, less is more. This is because this face shape already has angular features, so not a lot of dimension is needed. Heart-shaped faces Heart-shaped faces, which resemble inverted triangles with wide foreheads and angular chins, offer more flexibility in bronzer application. You can use either a large angled brush or a large bronzing brush to apply bronzer mainly to the temples and cheekbones. This technique helps to minimize the forehead's width and accentuate the cheekbones. Choosing the Right Bronzer Shade Now that you're well-versed in the purpose of bronzer and its application techniques tailored to your face shape, you might be wondering, "What color should my bronzer be?" The key is to opt for a shade that mimics your natural sun-kissed glow. Here is a brief guide: If your skin takes on a honey-toned hue when tanned, consider a bronzer that matches this shade for the most natural look.For those with deeper skin tones with a reddish tint when tanned, opt for a bronzer with red undertones to complement your complexion. The Order of Application: Bronzer vs. Blush Contrary to popular belief, bronzer and blush can coexist in the same makeup look; it's not a matter of "bronzer vs. blush." Both products serve different purposes—bronzer for warmth and dimension and blush for a pop of color on the cheeks. Tip: Much like bronzer, the placement of blush can vary depending on your face shape. It's a good idea to apply both in a way that flatters your specific features. Do you put blush or bronzer on first? While there's no hard and fast rule, the choice ultimately depends on your personal preference. Some people prefer applying bronzer first to lay down the base warmth and then add blush for color, while others do the opposite. Bronze & Beyond: Unveiling Your Unique Glow Bronzer is undoubtedly one of the most versatile tools in your makeup arsenal. Not only does it give you that coveted sun-kissed glow, but when applied with your face shape in mind, it can also define and enhance your facial features. If you're new to makeup, the world of bronzer can seem intimidating. However, experimentation is the cornerstone of self-care and beauty. Subscription services like the Klever Beauty Box offer a fantastic way to explore and refine your makeup skills. With full-size products delivered to your door monthly for only $29, you can embrace the versatility of bronzer, explore new techniques, and let your inner radiance shine through.
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Beauty guidesAre Beauty Subscription Boxes Worth it? Let's Find OutBeauty subscription boxes have become a modern-day phenomenon, offering a curated selection of cosmetics and skincare products delivered right to your doorstep. As we navigate the changing landscape of work and lifestyle, with a surge in remote work and a shift towards wellness over cosmetics, the question arises: Are beauty subscription boxes still worth it? According to Kantar's study, there has been a 31% decline in cosmetic usage compared to 5 years ago. So, is the allure of beauty boxes fading away, or do they still hold value in today's world? In this article, we'll explore the enduring appeal of subscription boxes and evaluate their worth in the current climate. Understanding Beauty Subscription Boxes Now you may be thinking, "What is a subscription box" and "Are they worth it?" Beauty subscription boxes are a convenient way to receive a variety of beauty products right at your doorstep. Some of the products you may receive: Skincare productsMakeupMixed KitPerfumes You usually will not know which products you are getting each time, and they can be sample-sized or full-size beauty products. Some beauty subscription boxes include curation for each customer. A customer with sensitive skin who subscribes to a curated skincare-only box is less likely to receive products with harsh ingredients like perfume. Factors to Consider When Determining Value There are two key factors to consider when choosing which beauty subscription box suits your lifestyle: Cost-Effectiveness: Assess whether the products in the subscription box justify the monthly fee. With the Klever Beauty Box, for example, you get 8 full-sized items for $29, averaging out to about $4 per product.Personal Goals: What are you looking to achieve with the products in your beauty box? Whether you're interested in discovering new makeup trends, finding your next go-to product, or exploring niche brands, your goals will influence the box's value to you. By considering these 2 key factors, you’ll be able to choose the right beauty subscription box for you. For example, I love skincare and trying new skincare products. I once subscribed to a box that only offered sample-sized skincare products. While initially exciting, the small sizes didn't allow me to fully evaluate their effectiveness, rendering the subscription less valuable to me. The Appeal and Popularity of Subscription Boxes With the online boom of the makeup space in the early 2010s and the rise in popularity of unboxing videos, it is not surprising that the beauty subscription market has rapidly grown in the last decade. There is a bubbling excitement every time you receive your box in the mail, and you do not know what to expect. The reason why subscription boxes are so popular is the mystery of what could be inside the beauty box this month, and the opportunity to try new makeup products. Current Popularity of Subscription Boxes Now you may be thinking, "If fewer people wear makeup today and wellness is on the rise, then why are subscription boxes still popular?" The answer is simple. More people are open to diverging their beauty interests now than before. In the UK alone, the demand for beauty subscription boxes has increased to 38.7% from 2018 to 2022. Then the question becomes more focused on which subscription boxes add value and are accessible rather than if beauty subscription boxes are still worth it. Value of Variety in Beauty Subscription Boxes Beauty subscription boxes are great if you are kickstarting your makeup collection, looking to fall in love with makeup again, or just want to try out new products. For example, the Klever Beauty Box is amazing for both makeup newbies and aficionados because you receive a wide variety of products, and they are all full-size! Every product included in the Klever Beauty Box is vegan, cruelty-free, and includes indie brands. So not only are you receiving a variety of products for only $29 a month, but it’s also from some brands you may not have been introduced to, and you get to build a solid makeup collection. Accessibility and Low-Cost Options Nowadays, there are various types of beauty subscription boxes for all types of budgets. There are high-end subscription boxes that are more expensive but include products of a similar range. Then there are low-cost subscription boxes that have products equivalent to their price. Both options are cost-effective and time-saving ways to try new products, as they eliminate the inconvenience of purchasing from multiple retailers. This makes it a convenient and accessible option for busy individuals seeking new products. Environmental Considerations and Company Responses Yes, there is a strong appeal for subscription boxes. However, there are environmental concerns over it. This is mainly to do with the packaging waste and excess of products. This is a valid concern that companies such as Klever Beauty Box have addressed. The Klever Beauty Box is environmentally conscious, with plastic-free packaging including no bubble wrap. Navigating Subscription Commitment If you're hesitant about committing to a long-term subscription, it's advisable to opt for services that offer flexible subscription plans or even one-time purchase options. These flexible arrangements can provide you with peace of mind, allowing you to test the waters without feeling locked in. Subscribing to Beauty or Subscribing to Waste: The Verdict Exploring the value of beauty subscription boxes can be a thrilling and enlightening journey. It's not just about receiving new and mysterious makeup items each month, but also the opportunity to experiment, build your collection, and have ready-to-gift items for loved ones. However, it's crucial to consider factors like cancellation policies, product variety, and the brand's environmental impact before making your choice. Klever Beauty Box stands out as a brand that aligns with many of these considerations. For just $29 a month, you receive 8 full-sized, diverse makeup products without any repetition, all while maintaining an eco-conscious approach.