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4 Tips on How to Avoid Dry Lips With Matte Lipstick

Ditch the fear of flaking with our secrets to rocking your favorite matte shades without drying your lips

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By Milly Mitchell
Dorian Rhode
Edited by Dorian Rhode

Updated December 13, 2023.

A woman applying matte lipstick.

Matte lipsticks. We love their bold statements, long-lasting wear, and instant air of sophistication. But let's face it, they can also leave our lips feeling like a desert after a sandstorm.

But dryness doesn't have to be the price of a killer pout. We've created a list of potent tips to keep your lips happy and hydrated while rocking your favorite matte shades.

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Our Tips on Avoiding Dry Lips With Matte Lipstick

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliation before an evening event is critical for lasting makeup, but do it just a few times a week. A gentle lip scrub removes dry flakes and creates a smooth canvas when applying lipstick, making it glide easier and last longer.

2. Hydrate Your Lips

The matte formula for lipsticks often creates a barrier that stops the skin from absorbing moisture. To prevent it from happening, apply a thin layer of primer makeup or lip balm for protection and a smooth finish.

You can also use these products throughout the day to fix your lipstick and moisturize without compromising the look.

Note: Creamier lipstick formulas are less drying. You can apply them after a lip balm or primer to create a smoother look and blot away excess product for a refined matte finish.

3. Use a Lip Liner

Applying the liner even before lip balm adds more definition and stops the lipstick from feeling too slippery. Try a makeup brush for more control over the placement and the amount of product you use.

You can master the definition by starting with the Cupid's bow—that alluring double curve on your upper lip. Kleverbox's curated lip liners often come in shades that complement the lipstick, making it easy to achieve a harmonious look.

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4. Be Careful With Reapplying

Reapplying your matte lipstick too frequently dries your lips and causes discomfort, and layering it excessively can create a patchy look. If you want to fix makeup during the day, bring a balm, primer, or gloss to help with discomfort and unevenness.

Note: Even if your skin is oily, the harsh winter months with low humidity can dry your lips. That's why you should apply lip balm regularly during these weather conditions.

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Matte Madness: Lip Trend On the Rise

Our tips will help you achieve an effortless look and comfortable, long-lasting wear for your matte lipstick. For them to work, you should also stay hydrated from the inside out to keep your lips healthy and prevent dryness.

If you want to try these tips but are still deciding which products to use, Kleverbox offers eight full-size beauty products from up-and-coming brands each month. Plus, each of the makeup essentials is cruelty-free and vegan.