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How to Apply Lip Gloss for Long-Lasting Effects: 6 Expert Tips

Getting tired of reapplying your lip gloss throughout the day? Make it last longer with our expert tips

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By Keti Nikolova
Dorian Rhode
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Updated December 4, 2023.

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Are you ready to experiment with makeup and let each session become a channel for your creativity and self-expression?

From daytime sophistication to evening glam, exploring beauty trends creates an opportunity to create an unforgettable look. So, let's dive into lip gloss and see the tips and techniques to make it last longer than usual.

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Applying Lip Gloss for Long-Lasting Effects: Our 6 Tips

  1. Create a Lip Care Routine
  2. Try Different Techniques
  3. Apply Lip Gloss Over Lipstick
  4. Use a Lip Liner
  5. Compare Lip Gloss Formulas
  6. Experiment With Color and Textures

1. Create a Lip Care Routine

Your care routine matters the most—especially if you want to use lip gloss, liner, or lipstick. First, exfoliate the lips to remove dead skin and create a clean canvas, then follow with a nourishing lip balm to keep them soft and ready for makeup.

Note: Use SPF and primer to keep your gloss lasting long in hot and cold weather. They shield against sunburn, moisturize the lips, and make it easier to reapply the gloss.

2. Try Different Techniques

  • Use a Lip Brush: If you feel like too much lip gloss is coming out of the packaging, put a bit on the back of your hand. Then, use a makeup brush to apply it to your lips.
  • Start from the Center: The best way to apply lip gloss is from the center of your bottom lip, letting it spread by gently pressing your lips together.
  • Enhance Shine: For a shinier effect, put more gloss on the center of the top and bottom lip, avoiding the corners so you don't smear it beyond the natural lip line.
  • Apply Powder: Lightly dust your lips with translucent powder to make the lip gloss last longer without compromising the shine. This technique also stops smudging and bleeding throughout the day.

3. Apply Lip Gloss Over the Lipstick

Applying lip gloss over matte lipstick adds a glossy finish and depth, which creates a fuller look. It also balances your features, making the face appear more symmetrical. Matte is the best lipstick to use with lip gloss because it's long-lasting. Avoid sheer or glossy ones because they create excessive texture, shine, and smearing.

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4. Use a Lip Liner

If it's your first time applying lip gloss, a lip liner will give you enough definition and control while preventing bleeding. Try matte and powdery ones to make the gloss stick better and last longer.

Tip: Some people use concealer to outline the lips for a refined look, particularly during photoshoots.

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5. Compare Lip Gloss Formulas

The most used formulations—matt and glossy—can affect your lips' final shape and texture. Look at the following comparison if you plan to buy a lip gloss soon:

Matte FormulasGlossy Formulas
Well-nourished and polished lipsDry or smaller lips
Adds fullness for a classier appearanceAdds dramatic shine that grabs attention
Needs precision when applying; fewer reapplications throughout the dayConvenient for on-the-go touch-ups; no need for a mirror
Designed for lasting colorNurtures and moisturizes the lips

6. Experiment With Color and Textures

Lip gloss can give you various textures to play around with, from pigment-rich to shimmery and transparent. The choice depends on your creativity, desires, and even your wardrobe. Use a clear lip gloss with sheer coverage for flexibility—it suits any outfit.

Makeup as Your Creative Playground

Makeup should be your playground with endless combinations and styles to express your personality. Embrace change, try different looks, and confidently experiment with various techniques. By following these professional tips, your lip gloss will last longer, all while keeping your lips beautifully moisturized.

If you need help figuring out where to start, you can try all kinds of new products with Kleverbox and use them to try the latest makeup trends at the click of a button. So, let your imagination run wild and enjoy every moment of experimenting.