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What's the difference between matte and dewy foundations?

Asked 6 months ago

Hey all, I've been on a foundation hunt recently and keep seeing terms like "matte" and "dewy" finishes. I'm a bit confused about their characteristics and which one might be best for my skin and desired look. Can anyone break down the main differences between matte and dewy foundations for me? I'd really appreciate it, as I'm aiming to make the best choice for my makeup routine. Thanks in advance for the advice!

Alice Chandler

Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Hi! So, dewy foundations are starkly different from matte foundations. A dewy finish is when a foundation gives you a soft, glowy finish. Those with dry and mature skin types tend to opt for this type of finish. While matte foundation gives you a smoother, poreless, and full-coverage finish. Oily and combination skin types are likely to favor a matte finish.

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